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Sparkling greetings
Constantin Wild

Constantin Wild – Proud to be at Baselworld 2019

The Baselworld 2019 this coming Spring is a fixed date in Constantin Wild´s Trade Fair calendar. The well-known dealer in gemstones has been part of this major trade show for jewellery and watches for the last 30 years. Then traditionally, watches, jewellery and gems belong together. In the forseeable future, gemstones will play an even greater role in Basel. Over the years, Baselworld has established itself as a meeting point for the international jewellery scene and has developed from a pure ordering event to an event platform. Gemstones are currently more in demand than ever before. „I am pleased to say, that the immense importance hereof is mirrored in the trade fair communications“, states Constantin Wild, who manages the company bearing his name in the 10th generation.

World Trade Fair for watches, jewellery and gemstones:  Constantin Wild in a dialogue at the Baselworld Trade Fair
World Trade Fair for watches, jewellery and gemstones: Constantin Wild in a dialogue at the Baselworld Trade Fair

No jewellery without a gem
When expensive watches and designer jewellery meet, the basic ingredient obviously has to be there too: top-quality gemstones. The best known brands, the most renowned buyers and the most influential media will be coming together. Sales are traditionally excellent in the environment of the big brands. „We appreciate the new concept with its stronger focus on innovation and digital communication“, Wild emphasises.

Splendid and increasingly rare: the Imperial Topaz from Brazil
Splendid and increasingly rare: the Imperial Topaz from Brazil

Sapphires in unusual colours
Next March, on Constantin Wilds` exhibition stand, emphasis will be on unusual colours. Spotlight will be on Sapphires and Imperial Topaz, which will radiate unusual nuances between purple and orange. In the exhibition hall 3.1, Stand A14 visitors will be greeted with a flamboyant spectacle of handpicked rarities.

Purple Sapphire and Paraiba Tourmaline in neon blue
Purple Sapphire and Paraiba Tourmaline in neon blue

Here you can visit Baselworld on the web.


‘Wealth of stones’ in the Hunsrück – TV channel SR at Constantin Wild’s gemstone mine

“In this world we don’t possess anything for all eternity. All the wealth we have is only on loan”. That’s what Constantin Wild believes. As part of the theme day on ‘wealth’, the gemstone merchant takes the TV channel Saarländischer Rundfunk to his gemstone mine in Nunkirchen and talks about the ‘wealth of stones’ the Hunsrück boasted until the 1970s.

The programme shows why the exciting part of a raw stone is hidden away on its inside, how the best is brought out of gemstones in the cutting shop, and why Constantin Wild has the most beautiful profession in the world. When you see those delightful landscapes you quickly realise that wealth is a fitting description for the Hunsrück National Park too. For natural diversity is particularly pronounced in the extensive woodlands around Nunkirchen. And the aesthetic beauty of a rare gemstone reflects that in a fascinating and original form.

The programme can be viewed in the SR media library as part of the programme ‘Wir im Saarland’ from 3 May 2018: Those who are especially keen to accompany Constantin Wild on the way to his gemstone mine should start in right away at minute 7:00.

SR TV at Constantin Wild's workshop in Idar-Oberstein
SR TV at Constantin Wild’s workshop in Idar-Oberstein

„Stein-Reichtum“ im Hunsrück – das SR Fernsehen in der Edelsteinmine von Constantin Wild

„Nichts besitzen wir auf dieser Welt für immer. Alle Reichtümer sind nur geliehen“, so das Credo von Constantin Wild. Zum Thementag „Reichtum“ führt der Edelsteinhändler den Fernsehsender des Saarländischen Rundfunks in seine Edelsteinmine nach Nunkirchen und spricht über den „Stein-Reichtum“ des Hunsrücks bis in die siebziger Jahre.

Der Beitrag zeigt, warum das Spannende eines Rohsteins im Verborgenen liegt, wie Edelsteine in der Schleiferei zur Geltung gebracht werden und warum Constantin Wild den schönsten Beruf der Welt hat. Bei den reizvollen Landschaftsbildern wird schnell klar: Reichtum ist auch eine treffende Beschreibung des Nationalparks Hunsrück. Denn die natürliche Vielfalt ist in den ausgedehnten Waldgebieten rund um Nunkirchen besonders ausgeprägt. Und die ästhetische Schönheit eines seltenen Edelsteins spiegelt dies in einer faszinierenden und ursprünglichen Form.

Zu sehen ist der Beitrag in der Mediathek des SR in der Sendung „Wir im Saarland“ vom 03.05.2018: Besonders Neugierige starten gleich bei Minute 7:00, um Constantin Wild auf dem Weg zu seiner Edelsteinmine zu begleiten.


ZDF Info visits Constantin Wild

At the beginning of March Constantin Wild opened up his treasure chamber to two editresses from the on-line channel ZDF Info. During this look behind the scenes, the focus was on master cutter Gernot Weber. What does it take to make a good gemstone cutter?
What steps does the finishing process entail? And what matters when it comes to the perfect cut? You’ll be able to experience these and other highlights featuring individual gemstones as from Saturday 31 March, 4:30 PM CET at “Schätze der Erde” and During the shooting, we looked over Gernot Weber’s shoulder while he worked. You can view the ‘making of’ behind the programme here:ZDF Info zu Besuch bei Constantin Wild
Anfang März öffnete Constantin Wild seine Schatzkammer für zwei Redakteurinnen des Onlinesenders ZDF Info. Beim Blick hinter die Kulissen stand Schleifermeister Gernot Weber im Fokus: Was macht einen guten Edelsteinschleifer aus? Welche Schritte gibt es im Veredelungsprozess? Und worauf kommt es beim perfekten Schliff an? Diese und weitere Highlights über einzelne Edelsteine erfahren Sie ab Samstag, 31. März, 16.30 Uhr unter “Schätze der Erde” und Wir haben bei den Dreharbeiten über die Schulter geschaut. Das „Making of“ zum Beitrag sehen Sie oben.


PRESS: Rare paraiba tourmalines and sapphires in trend colour purple at Baselworld

  • Constantin-Wild---Fine-Gemstones---Purple-sapphire,-Paraiba-tourmaline-ONLINE-rgb-copyrightRadiant luminosity: Focus on rare paraiba tourmalines and sapphires in trend colour purple
    Basel, 19 March 2018: At Baselworld, Constantin Wild is presenting sparkling paraiba tourmalines in vibrant hues and exclusive sapphires in the fashionable colour purple. The colour range of paraiba tourmalines, coveted worldwide, runs from an intense sea green to a lush turquoise blue. These gemstones with their bold luminosity are not just gloriously colourful, but also rare and valuable. “This expressive range of colours has its origin in the trace element copper. Its double refraction enhances the bold charisma of the paraiba tourmaline too”, explains managing director Constantin Wild. “These radiant neon hues symbolise a positive lifestyle.” ...

  • web_icon_worddoc Download pictures and PI (English)
  • PI-Constantin_Wild-Antique_collection_exclusive_appearance_at_gemstone_fairs-previewExclusive insight into historic gemstone collection
    Wilhelm Constantin Wild’s antique collection from the middle of the 20th century can also be viewed at the fair. This extraordinary collection has already done a great deal of world travel. It comprises a total of 29 gemstones, among them a tourmaline, a sapphire and some imperial topazes … and a pearl. Visitors can find out more about its unusual history in Hall 3.1 at Stand A13. …
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  • Strahlende Leuchtkraft: Seltene Paraiba Turmaline und Saphire in Trendfarbe Purple im Fokus
    Basel, 19. März 2018: Funkelnde Paraiba Turmaline in kraftvollen Farben und exklusive Saphire in der Modefarbe Purple präsentiert Constantin Wild auf der Baselworld. Von intensivem Meeresgrün bis zu sattem Türkisblau erstreckt sich die Farbpalette der weltweit begehrten Paraiba Turmaline. Die Edelsteine mit der starken Leuchtkraft sind nicht nur besonders farbenprächtig sondern auch selten und wertvoll. „Das ausdrucksvolle Farbspektrum entsteht durch spezielle Spurenelemente von Kupfer. Auch die doppelte Lichtbrechung verstärkt die starke Ausstrahlung der Paraiba Turmaline“, erklärt Geschäftsführer Constantin Wild. „Die leuchtenden Neon-Farben symbolisieren einen positiven Lebensstil.“ …
  • web_icon_worddoc Download der Bilder und PM (Deutsch)
  • Exklusiver Blick in historische Edelsteinsammlung
    Die antike Sammlung von Wilhelm Constantin Wild aus der Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts ist ebenfalls auf der Messe zu sehen. Die außergewöhnliche Kollektion reiste bereits mehrfach um die Welt. Sie enthält neben Turmalin, Saphir und Edeltopasen insgesamt 29 Edelsteine und eine Perle. Mehr über die ungewöhnliche Geschichte erfahren die Besucher in Halle 3.1, Stand A13. …
  • web_icon_worddoc Download der Bilder 

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Gem Journal ‘THE FANTASY GIFT EDITION’ goes digital

It’s out and on line – ‘THE FANTASY GIFT EDITION’ of my premium magazine GEM JOURNAL. On this occasion, I’m going to take you on a high-carat journey from New York straight to Idar-Oberstein. Learn how two American ladies came to create the perfect locket in my gemstone workshop. Learn about the fascination of paraiba tourmalines. And discover the beauty and sophisticated luxury lifestyle of my homeland.

Simply scroll down and click the online magazine to start reading.

Sparkling greetings,
Constantin Wild

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Christmas 2017 – Why you should give yourself a present too

Self-gifting is a trend that is becoming more and more popular, both in the United States and in Germany. But giving oneself a present – isn’t that a bit crazy? Not at all, say the motivation researchers. People who reward themselves with a gift are giving their soul a wellness break. Nothing motivates people more than recognition and esteem. But it’s also important to have a positive image of oneself and acknowledge one’s own achievements. So even if we Germans do usually find it rather difficult: give yourself a pat on the back. Regularly!

Constantin Wild - Fine Gemstones - Tsavorite garnet, Rubellite, Mandarin garnet, tanzanite, green tourmaline, Paraiba tourmaline
Look how clever self-gifting can be: exclusive gemstones bring moments of happiness and enduring values. (back: green Tsavorit, round
back left: red Rubellite, round
back right: orange Mandarin garnet, round
center left: blue Tanzanite, oval
center right: green Tourmaline, rectangle
front: turquoise Paraiba-Tourmaline, oval)

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Gemstone collection from Indian Ocean back in Idar-Oberstein

Wilhelm Constantin Wild
Wilhelm Constantin Wild (1866 – 1956)

It’s like something out of a fairy tale: at the end of September a Pakistani fisherman pulled a collection of 29 gemstones, some 80 years old, out of the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the imprint of a company stamp he was able to identify Wilhelm Constantin Wild of Idar-Oberstein as the original owner. The fisherman decided that the gemstone collection, being part of family history, should make its way back to Germany. He also thought it would be a nice token of friendship between Muslims and Germans. Being an upright man, he waived his right to a finder’s reward. In a particularly touching gesture, he said he would like to fill the empty compartment with some pearls, making the family a present of them in lieu of the tiger’s eye which was now missing from the collection.

Antique Gemstone collection with the Foto of Wilhelm Constantin Wild. The fisherman replaced the missing Tiger's eye with a pearl as a token of friendship
Antique Gemstone collection with the Foto of Wilhelm Constantin Wild. The fisherman replaced the missing Tiger’s eye with a pearl as a token of friendship

“At first, it wasn’t at all clear how or when my grandfather’s collection would be able to find its way back to Idar-Oberstein”, says Constantin Wild. But with the aid of an international logistics company, the collection, which has a high sentimental value for him, soon set out on the journey home. This very week, the entrepreneur received the extraordinary package from Pakistan.

Gemstone collection with 29 gemstones found in Indian Ocean back home in Idar-Oberstein
Gemstone collection with 29 gemstones found in Indian Ocean back home in Idar-Oberstein

Once it has been examined to verify its genuineness, he will be handing the collection over on loan to the German Gemstone Museum. “Later, of course, the find will be given a place of honour in my treasure chamber”, says Constantin Wild.

Details still to be clarified

It will now be possible to examine exactly how old the collection is. Early assumptions suggest that it was probably put together between the First and Second World Wars, since Idar and Oberstein did not actually amalgamate until 1933. At any rate, the stamp with the impression ‘Idar-Oberstein’ originates from the time after the amalgamation. The high-quality workmanship which can be seen in the photos is a clue indicating that this was one of the earlier issues of this kind of collection, for in later years these were mass-produced cheaply, finding their way out into many parts of the world.

German gemstone museum - Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum Idar-Oberstein
German gemstone museum – Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum Idar-Oberstein

Exhibition at the German Gemstone Museum

Anyone wishing to inspect the gemstone collection him or herself will be able to admire it very soon indeed at the German Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein. It will be on view there as ‘object of the month’ until the end of November.

The honest finder: fisherman Abdullah with his children
The honest finder: fisherman Abdullah with his children

It was clear to Constantin Wild that the warm-heartedness and sincerity of the finder ought to be rewarded. He intends to transfer a finder’s reward of 1000 dollars to the Pakistani fisherman as a down payment on a new fishing-boat, in the hope of improving the life of this honest man and his family.