Greenery summer: peridot

After they had led a rather shadowy existence, the reputation of peridots gradually began to change: in the high mountains of Pakistan, at an altitude of over 4000 metres, some very fine, brilliant gold-green crystals were discovered. Today, the peridot is among the most coveted coloured gemstones worldwide. Its seductive, lush green hues and clarity have made it a strong competitor of the tourmaline and the emerald. The peridot is one of the very few gemstones which come in one colour only. This stone displays the most beautiful green tones of the summer: its range includes olive shades, the famous gold-green of the stones from Pakistan, a clear yellow green, a light lime green and the bluish green typical of stones from Burma. Very small but beautiful yellow-green stones come from China. And the best thing about this gemstone is that its colour will flatter the complexion of any woman! However, these fantastic stones do have one major disadvantage: all of them are very rare. Fortunately, I have a few remarkable peridots in my treasure chamber …

Sparkling greetings,
Constantin Wild

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greenery - peridot
greenery – peridot

Job opening in Idar-Oberstein / Stellenangebot – Kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter m/w

Dear gemstone lovers,

there’s a lot to be done in my sparkling world of gemstones. So my team and I are seeking some active support from the German-speaking world.

Do you feel like combining your business skills with your knowledge of the gemstone industry? If so, there’s a place for you with us!

Contact us at: bewerbung [ at ]

Stellenanzeige - Kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter m-w
Stellenanzeige – Kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter m-w

Constantin Wild meets Katerina Perez

Insider Katerina Perez is a specialist with professional knowledge and insight as regards the jewellery industry. On her website, she reports on the most recent trends in the gemstone and jewellery trade. When I met her a few weeks ago in Basel, we found a number of things to talk about right away. But one thing that always remained in focus was the fascinating world of gemstones. As for the interview, in which I talk about my family, the love I have for my profession and my ongoing quest for treasures on behalf of my customers, you can read it here at

Sparkling greetings,
Constantin Wild

Katerina Perez @constantinwild.gems
Katerina Perez @constantinwild.gems

Come visit Constantin @ HONG KONG • Jewellery & Gem Fair • Asia World-Expo • Fine Gem Pavilion • Hall 9, Stand K26 • 13 – 17 Sept. 2017  –  !!! NEW LOCATION !!!


PRESS: All the greens of the summer – Constantin Wild presents trendy summer collection

greenery Auswahl-Presse
greenery pictures

Constantin Wild presents trendy summer collection

Press Release June 2017

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‘Tour de Wild’ on japanese TV

It’s not only German television that has shown interest in the ‘Tour de Wild': a few days ago the Japanese singer and TV star Saori Yuki came on a visit of discovery together with a TV team. She herself is a great gemstone fan and really got her money’s worth in my home town of Idar-Oberstein!

Constantin Wild and Yuki Saori
Constantin Wild and Yuki Saori

We started off in the raw stone depot in my cellar. There, my guests learned that the process that leads to a sparkling, many-faceted beauty always begins with an unprepossessing piece of rock. In my cutting shop, Saori Yuki had a chance to see that the essential factors in the creation of a consummate end product are genuine craftsmanship and precision.

After that we went to my treasure chamber, where the most precious and rarest gemstones on this Earth sparkle endlessly in various colours and facets. And my guests’ eyes lit up even more in my treasure chamber, when I showed them the shocking pink imperial topaz which is said once to have belonged to Marie-Antoinette …

Constantin Wild - Japanese TV - Marie-Antoinette Ring
Constantin Wild – Japanese TV – Marie-Antoinette Ring

It was an honour and a pleasure for me to be visited by such eminence! And I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

Marie-Antoinette Ring
Marie-Antoinette Ring
Constantin Wild - Japanese TV - Yuki Saori and Crew
Constantin Wild – Japanese TV – Yuki Saori and Crew

Auf der Spur der Steine in Idar-Oberstein

TV documentary “Auf der Spur der Steine in Idar-Oberstein: Constantin Wild shows us his Idar-Oberstein.

2 June 2017 at 20.15 and 9 June 15:15 on SWR Television and for the next year at the ARD Mediathek (stream) 

Jens Hübschen sets out to retrace the history of the stones, in the gemstone world of Idar-Oberstein in the rocky Nahe region.

I have said it time and again: Idar-Oberstein is one of the most beautiful places in Germany. And gemstone fans are particularly likely to agree with that. After all, my home town was the cradle of the gemstone industry! A team from the German TV station SWR recently set out to retrace that fascinating history. For what began centuries ago with the first agates, found in volcanic rock, and rapidly brought forth the very best gemstone cutters and goldsmiths, has also managed to make a successful transition into the modern age. But how is that possible? In this documentary, I open the doors of my treasure chamber and chat a little about my fascinating world of gemstones – and about my beloved Idar-Oberstein.

Why not look in? 9.6.2017 at 15.15 on SWR or stream it to your Computer or Tablet.