Gemstone collection from Indian Ocean sets off on second world tour

Wilhelm Constantin Wild
Wilhelm Constantin Wild (1866 – 1956)

The return of the gemstone collection of my grandfather Wilhelm Constantin Wild to Idar-Oberstein last year was an occurrence I found especially moving. Do you remember? In September a Pakistani fisherman found the leather coffer dating from the mid-20th century in a bag together with some other gemstones in the North Indian Ocean near Karachi. What moved me was not only his decision to send the collection back to Germany – but also the touching gesture he made in replacing the missing tiger’s eye with a pearl.

Gemstone box with Wilhelm Constantin Wild and the pearl replacing the missing tiger eye

Exclusive exhibit at international trade fairs 2018

The story of the honest finder attracted plenty of attention in the media. Having been on show in Idar-Oberstein for some months, the collection is now setting off again on a world tour: visitors to the international fairs in Tucson, Hong Kong, Basel and Idar-Oberstein will be able to admire the valuable specimen book on location. The exemplary collection shows the fascinating facets of coloured gemstones – from ruby, sapphire and emerald to agate, lapis lazuli and malachite.

Gemstone collection with 29 gemstones found in Indian Ocean back home in Idar-Oberstein
Gemstone collection with 29 gemstones found in Indian Ocean back home in Idar-Oberstein

30 January to 4 February:
first time at the GJX in Tucson, Arizona

I’m looking forward to presenting this much travelled gemstone collection personally in Tucson, together with my current collection. My tip: make an appointment right away, so that you can take your time and enjoy an exclusive peek into my grandfather’s leather coffer (Group Pavilion, Stand #4000).

The honest finder: fisherman Abdullah with his children


Gem Journal ‘THE FANTASY GIFT EDITION’ goes digital

It’s out and on line – ‘THE FANTASY GIFT EDITION’ of my premium magazine GEM JOURNAL. On this occasion, I’m going to take you on a high-carat journey from New York straight to Idar-Oberstein. Learn how two American ladies came to create the perfect locket in my gemstone workshop. Learn about the fascination of paraiba tourmalines. And discover the beauty and sophisticated luxury lifestyle of my homeland.

Simply scroll down and click the online magazine to start reading.

Sparkling greetings,
Constantin Wild

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