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Gem Journal with declaration of love for home town of Idar-Oberstein

Green Edition — The latest issue of the Gem Journal, our exclusive magazine for friends of the company, is dedicated to the world of green gemstones and the balance between Nature and entrepreneurial responsibility. But it is also a declaration of love for the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and the gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein. The readers will receive some delightful insights into the picturesque landscape and culinary specialities of the Hunsrück. Aptly, the magazine also presents sparkling gemstones in green and shows that a green lifestyle can be luxurious too. “Green is not just most people’s favourite colour”, says managing director Constantin Wild. “It’s also a symbol of harmony. As a family enterprise that is regionally based but acts globally, this accord with our surroundings is very important to us.”

Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park - Bachlauf im Hunsrück - Fotolia.de © Christoph
Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park – Fotolia.de © Christoph

Multi-faceted exploratory tour of Idar-Oberstein

The fourth edition of the Gem Journal stands for international trends and local down-to-earthness. The magazine provides some unusual insights into the company, goes on an exploratory tour in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, and even takes the reader on an adventure trip to Russia!

Constantin Wild - gem Journal - The Green Edition - Traveling Idar-Oberstein
Constantin Wild – Gem Journal – The Green Edition – Travelling Idar-Oberstein

Customers and friends of the company received their own personal copy by post in last October. Visitors to Tucson Show can make sure they get theirs personally, from 5 – 10 February at the GJX – Gem & Jewelry Exchange, Idar-Oberstein Group Pavilion,  Booth #4000.

Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park - Ausblick vom Erbeskopf - Fotolia.de © Christoph
Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park – Fotolia.de © Christoph


Baselworld: “Many valuable contacts”

Baselworld Newsletter

Constantin Wild, gemstone dealer from Idar-Oberstein, discusses the importance of Baselworld.

Constantin Wild has been one of Baselworld’s most loyal exhibitors for more than thirty years. In this interview, the gemstone dealer from Idar-Oberstein, Germany, talks about what his company expects from the upcoming show and shares his evaluation of Baselworld’s importance for internationally active gemstone merchants.

Mr Wild, you wrote in your newsletter that you are proud to be present again as an exhibitor at Baselworld in 2019. How important is this trade show for your company?

Constantin Wild: Compared to all the other international trade shows that we participate at, Baselworld enjoys an exceptional position with regard to its audience, its professional visitors, its atmosphere and the quality of its exhibitors. The show has established itself over the years as an important meeting place for the international jewellery scene and it has successfully positioned itself in the luxury brands segment. During the past thirty years of our exhibiting at Baselworld, we were accordingly able to make valuable contacts with high-end jewellery producers, designers and jewellers from around the world. Of course, we hope this will remain so in the future too. Continue reading Baselworld: “Many valuable contacts”

A day in a gem mine

Gold mines are everywhere in the cityscape of Johannesburg. Naturally enough, we do not see what goes on below the surface; but piled up above it there are enormous table mountains – the waste tips. That always made me curious. I didn’t actually get the opportunity to visit a mine until now, eight years later. At a tourism portal on the Internet I happened on a feature offered by the Cullinan Mine near Pretoria, in which they do guided tours of the mine site and also a visit below ground. My interest was aroused immediately and I duly booked a tour. On a Saturday in November I set off to Pretoria together with a friend, and then on to Cullinan, forty kilometres further east.


The starting point for our underground tour was the little museum, in which all kinds of memento from the history of the mine and reproductions of historical diamonds are on show. After a brief introduction, we were equipped for our expedition. The international ten-man visitor group was issued with overalls, wellingtons, a miner’s belt and the obligatory hard hat. Then, off to the mine in a personnel carrier. In a multi-media room we were shown a video which explained how to use breathing apparatus in an emergency; then, each visitor had a silver box and a rechargeable battery fixed to his belt and a miner’s lamp to his helmet. Then, down we went at last, in a high-speed lift, to 763 metres below the surface. As the roller gate rose, our eyes met the pit and our underground walk through the tunnels began. The air was good and the temperature, at 26 degrees, bearable. Our guide, a retired miner, told us about work under ground with great enthusiasm and explained the various different processes at the respective stations. We visited the crusher and were able to watch a train with several wagons unloading its precious cargo, the diamantiferous kimberlite rock, into the conveyor. Noise and dust are both normal day-to-day phenomena. Again and again, we had to remind ourselves that all this was happening well below the Earth’s surface. The precious raw materials are brought up into the light of day with a combination consisting of sophisticated technology, centuries of experience and the painstaking labour of the miners, and then sent for further processing. After we had been below ground for three hours, we set off back towards the light in the lift, and because it just happened to be time for a change of shifts, 80 miners went up with us. In the lift there was such a Babel of languages that I imagined I could hear all eleven national tongues of South Africa at the same time.

Back in the fresh air again, under the midday sun, we walked through industrial facilities and past conveyors to the Big Hole. We marvelled at this enormous pit, which is 1000 m long, 400 m wide and 500 m deep, and were also shown the place where the famous Cullinan Diamond was found in 1905. At 621 g / 3106 carats, the Cullinan is the largest raw diamond ever found.

We didn’t see any diamonds shining out on our tour of the mine, but we’re sure that there were some in the rocks that had been fetched up. That insight into the world of the mine made a deep impression on us, particularly as we were able to gain it while work was actually going on – an unforgettable experience.

Editor: Jürgen Waxweiler

Jürgen Waxweiler

About Jürgen Waxweiler: Jürgen is a well known artist and sculptor who has been spending half his time living in Johannesburg, South Africa for eight years now. His home town, and the focal point of his life, is the wine village of Traben-Trarbach on the Moselle, very close to Idar-Oberstein. Our common enthusiasm for stones, rocks and art, and our cosmopolitan attitude, unite us in friendship. In November 2018 Jürgen visited the Cullinan Diamond Mine near Pretoria and sent me this report, which I would now like to share with my readers. www.waxweilerskulpturen.de

Insider tip INTERGEM

Review of a successful INTERGEM fair in the hometown of gemstones. Known for its unique gemstone art, the fair has been one of the most popular meeting places for international gemstone lovers for over 30 years. Only here has the art of cutting and processing gemstones been practiced for more than five centuries. Be inspired by colourful stones and rare treasures. Idar-Oberstein – always worth a visit.

Insidertipp INTERGEM

Rückblick auf eine erfolgreiche INTERGEM-Messe in der Heimatstadt der Edelsteine. Bekannt für ihre einzigartige Edelsteinkunst, ist die Messe seit über 30 Jahren einer der beliebtesten Treffpunkte internationaler Edelsteinliebhaber. Nur hier wird die Kunst des Edelsteinschleifens und der Verarbeitung seit über fünf Jahrhunderten praktiziert. Lassen Sie sich von farbigen Steinen und seltenen Schätzen inspirieren. Idar-Oberstein – immer eine Reise wert.

HONG KONG, 26 FEB. – 2 MAR. 2019 – International Diamond & Gem Show – ASIA WORLD-EXPO, Hall 11, Stand F17


The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show offers a wide range of finished jewellery to buyers from all over the world, including silver, jade and antique jewellery.

The show also features watches & clocks, jewellery accessories, jewellery display and packaging materials and jewellery tools & equipment.

Constantin Wild will be presenting exclusive gemstones in
AWE (Airport) German Pavilion, Hall 11, Stand F17.