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PRESS: Rare paraiba tourmalines and sapphires in trend colour purple at Baselworld

  • Constantin-Wild---Fine-Gemstones---Purple-sapphire,-Paraiba-tourmaline-ONLINE-rgb-copyrightRadiant luminosity: Focus on rare paraiba tourmalines and sapphires in trend colour purple
    Basel, 19 March 2018: At Baselworld, Constantin Wild is presenting sparkling paraiba tourmalines in vibrant hues and exclusive sapphires in the fashionable colour purple. The colour range of paraiba tourmalines, coveted worldwide, runs from an intense sea green to a lush turquoise blue. These gemstones with their bold luminosity are not just gloriously colourful, but also rare and valuable. “This expressive range of colours has its origin in the trace element copper. Its double refraction enhances the bold charisma of the paraiba tourmaline too”, explains managing director Constantin Wild. “These radiant neon hues symbolise a positive lifestyle.” ...

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  • PI-Constantin_Wild-Antique_collection_exclusive_appearance_at_gemstone_fairs-previewExclusive insight into historic gemstone collection
    Wilhelm Constantin Wild’s antique collection from the middle of the 20th century can also be viewed at the fair. This extraordinary collection has already done a great deal of world travel. It comprises a total of 29 gemstones, among them a tourmaline, a sapphire and some imperial topazes … and a pearl. Visitors can find out more about its unusual history in Hall 3.1 at Stand A13. …
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  • Strahlende Leuchtkraft: Seltene Paraiba Turmaline und Saphire in Trendfarbe Purple im Fokus
    Basel, 19. März 2018: Funkelnde Paraiba Turmaline in kraftvollen Farben und exklusive Saphire in der Modefarbe Purple präsentiert Constantin Wild auf der Baselworld. Von intensivem Meeresgrün bis zu sattem Türkisblau erstreckt sich die Farbpalette der weltweit begehrten Paraiba Turmaline. Die Edelsteine mit der starken Leuchtkraft sind nicht nur besonders farbenprächtig sondern auch selten und wertvoll. „Das ausdrucksvolle Farbspektrum entsteht durch spezielle Spurenelemente von Kupfer. Auch die doppelte Lichtbrechung verstärkt die starke Ausstrahlung der Paraiba Turmaline“, erklärt Geschäftsführer Constantin Wild. „Die leuchtenden Neon-Farben symbolisieren einen positiven Lebensstil.“ …
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  • Exklusiver Blick in historische Edelsteinsammlung
    Die antike Sammlung von Wilhelm Constantin Wild aus der Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts ist ebenfalls auf der Messe zu sehen. Die außergewöhnliche Kollektion reiste bereits mehrfach um die Welt. Sie enthält neben Turmalin, Saphir und Edeltopasen insgesamt 29 Edelsteine und eine Perle. Mehr über die ungewöhnliche Geschichte erfahren die Besucher in Halle 3.1, Stand A13. …
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Enchanté: the savoir-vivre edition of the Gem Journal 2017

Hot off the press: the ‘savoir-vivre’ edition of the Gem Journal.

May I invite you on a fascinating journey this time too? What city embodies that feeling of luxury better than Paris, the ‘capital of haute-joaillerie’? Yet even the most magnificent item of jewellery needs a perfectly cut stone: so what a good thing Idar-Oberstein is not far away. Quite apart from which it’s possible to live a life of luxury in my home town too. In my magazine, you can find out plenty of things worth knowing about Franco-German gemstone history. And you’ll also see that my chamber contains some sparkling treasures in the colours of the tricolore

Constantin wild - The savoir-vivre edition of the Gem Journal 2017
Constantin wild – The savoir-vivre edition of the Gem Journal 2017

It only remains for me to wish you a good browse and read!

Read our last issues online here

Let me be surrounded by luxury …

I can do without the necessities!” *

Dear gemstone lovers,

it’s worth having a look behind the scenes in the world of luxury. One thing’s for sure: it has many facets. A few weeks ago Professor Ho, who lectures in ‘luxury studies’ at a Chinese university, journeyed to my home town of Idar-Oberstein, bringing a high-carat delegation with her, to learn everything there is to learn about gemstones.

Professor Ho with delegation from China
Professor Ho with delegation from China

Raw stones, cutting-shop, perfectly cut end product: my company headquarters is the perfect place to take a look behind the scenes in the world of luxury – and that includes the exquisite buffet! The group was particularly taken with the Gem Room, in which I present exclusive customers with a fine selection of particularly rare and valuable gemstones.

On a brief excursion to the historic Weiherschleife I showed the group the origins of the gemstone industry. From the 15th century right on into the 20th, gemstones were processed on big sandstone grinding wheels – using only the force of the water from our very own Idar stream.

A visit to the marketplace in Oberstein, where there are regional delicacies of all kinds, put the finish on our perfect day.

A truly wonderful day. I look forward to a luxurious wiedersehen!

Sparkling greetings
Constantin Wild

* Oscar Wilde


Limited Gem Calendar 2017

Dear gemstone lovers,

An eventful year is now coming to an end and Christmas is just round the corner. So my worthy customers and business partners can look forward to receiving a high-carat postal surprise: in the limited-edition gem calendar, a different sparkling highlight from my treasure chamber is presented each month!

Sparkling greetings,
Constantin Wild