30 years, 30 colours

30 years of INTERGEM!

Constantin has come up with some fitting highlights!

Dear Gemstone Lovers,

When I opened my exhibition stand at the first INTERGEM, it was 1984. And today, the trade fair in Idar-Oberstein is still a red-letter day for me, an appointment not to be missed. On the occasion of the 30-year jubilee I am therefore bringing a really top-class stone with me: An imperial topaz of over 30 carats seems to me to be just the right thing for this occasion! Alongside some other sparkling and exclusive stones, I am donating an unusual set in the shape of the INTERGEM logo for the visitors’ prize.

Just the right thing: a 30-carat star!

30 years, 30 carats. At this year’s INTERGEM, I will be showing a really special highlight: this imperial topaz from the famous Brazilian town of Ouro Preto is one of the world’s most coveted stones. Many gemstone lovers have already acknowledged that the ‘emperor from Brazil’, with its almost platinum shimmer, its incredible facets and a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, is a truly top-class stone. The result is that it has meanwhile become extremely rare, and that in turn means that it is suitable not only as a gem for jewellery, but also as a worthwhile investment.

Constantin Wild - Imperial Topaz - cushion -34ct - rgb-725px

As one of the original exhibitors, I have been able to watch the format develop over the years. Ialso recognised the growing potential – particularly for local exhibitors: INTERGEM put exhibitors from Idar-Oberstein next to one another for the first time, making them direct competitors. That was a completely new experience for all of us.  At the end of the day, it’s competition that provides the best conditions for innovation. INTERGEM was an important factor in enabling our traditional craft to move into the modern age.

A major jubilee is also always an opportunity to look ahead. And in future, it will become more and more difficult to hold one’s own in view of the enormous variety on offer at trade fairs. Having said that, both the special atmosphere at INTERGEM and the time at which it is held are sure to continue to attract major and important buyers – and make the event one of the world’s leading trade fairs.

Visitors to this year’s INTERGEM can look forward to some wonderful prizes. Among other things,I have made available a colourful, sparkling set in the shape of the INTERGEM logo. The idea of donating a special prize on the occasion of the jubilee inspired me at once. And there couldn’t have been a more fitting idea than to pick up on the logo. In addition, I am well known for colourful stones, and for the slogan ‘The Value of Colours’. So this stone-spiral composition is no coincidence. I consciously selected stones which with which I have a particular association. Shocking pink tourmaline, mandarin garnet, spinel, Canary tourmaline or yellow sapphire: a total of 30 stones are waiting for their new owner. Apart from stones from South America, Asia and Africa, there are also some royal blue hauyns from Germany.

Constantin Wild - 30 years - 30 colours - Intergem-donation -ONLINE-rgb-725px

I’m already looking forward to the draw! See you in Idar-Oberstein!

Sparkling Greetings,


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