5 exciting days in Tucson

Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona after Phoenix. In February, on the occasion of the Gem & Jewelry Exchange, some 300,000 gemstone lovers came pouring into this desert town. I was among them.

Gemstones as far as the eye can see! During the trade fair, the whole city seems to be in gemstone fever! That’s why it’s always important for me not just to show my customers some magnificent stars in the gemstone firmament, but also to create the appropriate atmosphere. With this stand, in the Idar-Oberstein Pavilion at the GJX, we reckoned we were not likely to be overlooked …



But above all, of course, people’s attention was drawn by the special gemstones I’d brought with me. A sphene like this one is extremely rare. And word got around very quickly that I had this fabulous titanite from Sri Lanka on display! No wonder: the fire (or ‘dispersion’) of a sphene surpasses even that of a diamond. And at over 30 carats, this radiant green stone is suitable for really extravagant items of jewellery.


Much as I love my job and all the to-ing and fro-ing at trade fairs, everyone needs some time off. So I took the opportunity to go out and admire the wonderful mountain landscape of Arizona. The romantic sunsets are just unique. In the ‘Old Tucson Studios’, many well known westerns were made. Today, the former studios attract tourists from all over the world.




And finally, I’ve been able to make a little dream come true: I now have a Triumph Bonneville to my name. Tucson really does imbue you with a sense of adventure.


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