Constantin Wild - Aquamarines - Blue Belle & Marina

Aquamarine shines out in Fall 2017

‘Marina’ and ‘Bluebell’ are among the blue tones in the current Pantone Fashion Color Report for autumn / winter 2017. They fit in perfectly with the colour spectrum of the aquamarine, which, on account of its sparkling lustre in the colours of the sea, is regarded as the “world’s favourite stone”. For the first time, the report by Pantone identifies two colour ranges for the autumn, oriented toward the New York and London Fashion Weeks. Whilst New York chose a bold, radiant blue in ‘Marina’, London made a somewhat more cautious choice in the delicate ‘Bluebell’.

Constantin Wild - Aquamarines - BlueBelle & Marina
Constantin Wild – Aquamarines – BlueBelle & Marina

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Lovers of high-quality gemstones should be aware that those wishing to acquire an aquamarine in the colour known as ‘Marina’ will have to dig deep into their pockets! Shining in an intense blue, these are among the most valuable aquamarines in the world on account of their rareness. Good and medium-quality aquamarines in ‘Bluebell’ are available at more affordable prices.

Constantin Wild - Aquamarine - Blue Belle
Constantin Wild – Aquamarine – Blue Belle

The blue gemstone got its name from the water of the sea, in Latin aqua marina. It captivates with its broad colour range, from a delicate water blue, via greenish and greyish blues, to an intense, almost dark blue. The gemstone has the trace element iron to thank for its colour. Aquamarines are found on all the continents and, like the green emerald and the red bixbite, are members of the large beryl family. Much more often than its famous green brother, the aquamarine is clear and flawless. It’s suitable for all shapes: from the unobtrusive, classical, octagonal emerald cut, via many-faceted cuts in all kinds of rounded or pointed shape, to the modern cabochon and any number of fantasy cuts.

Constantin Wild - Aquamarine - Marina
Constantin Wild – Aquamarine – Marina

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