Colour Trends 2015

Dear gemstone lovers,

there are two things we often long for: sunshine, and the opportunity to relax. Fortunately, the colour trends for the forthcoming spring and summer season promise both at the same time!

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute publishes current colour trends, and the entire world of fashion allows itself to be guided by them. The theme for sun-drenched days next year is ‘en plein air’. Our everyday life, which seems to be becoming more and more dynamic, demands a good deal of us. So hues named ‘aquamarine’, ‘lucite green’ and ‘tangerine’ give us exactly the compensation we need.

It goes without saying that Mother Nature can easily keep pace when it comes to colour trends. A glance into my treasure chamber provides proof of that!

Seductive blue

The colour ‘aquamarine’ marks the beginning of the Pantone range. Is there a gemstone lover who is not familiar with the stone of the same name?

Constantin Wild - Aquamarine - Santa Maria Aquamarine - pair - Brazil - 15ct

Anyone who would like to be inspired by water and air in the forthcoming season will also find other shades of blue in the world of gemstones: the hauyn was discovered near my home town of Idar-Oberstein. Its majestic blue allows our thoughts to roam, evoking longing and serenity.

Constantin Wild - Hauyn 3ct

One of my favourites produces an incomparable Caribbean feeling: the Paraiba tourmaline. This rarity with the neon sparkle whets our appetite for spring and summer like no other!

Constantin Wild - Tourmaline - Paraiba-Tourmaline - oval - 6ct -rgb-500px

Fruity orange and shocking pink

Feel like some ‘strawberry ice’? Or maybe you prefer ‘tangerine’? The spring colours definitely have a fruity flair. All the more so with the stones to match! Orange has been in fashion for several years now. And in 2015 too, it will be impossible to imagine life without this warm hue. Spot on: a rare mandarin garnet. Here, indeed, the fruit is already in the name.

Constantin Wild - Garnet - Mandarin-Garnet - oval - 30ct-rgb-725px

Anyone with a longing for strawberry fields in shocking pink and red will also find fulfilment in my treasure chamber. The rare red imperial topaz unites several trendy colours in one spectacular stone.

Constantin Wild - Imperial Topaz - Red Topaz - pear shape - 32ct-rgb-500px




And: shocking pink spinels also go very well with the warmer seasons!

Constantin Wild - Spinel - pink-red - star cut - oval - 5ct-rgb-500px

If you would like to look out for more trends in my treasure chamber, why not just spend a little time browsing my gallery?

Sparkling greetings,

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