Exciting days …

Dear gemstone lovers,

days at trade fairs are exciting days, and they are often full of surprises! In June, at the Jewellery & Gem Fair, I had a chance to experience that once again. I wonder if you can guess what it was that made my appearance in Hong Kong so special this time. Apart from the many interesting discussions, it was fascinating to see how little time it took for word of the extraordinary beauty of the coloured gemstones I’d taken with me in my treasure chest to get around: ‘word-of-mouth recommendation’ is certainly the most fitting expression to describe the considerable crush round my stand in the Grand Hall!

Hong Kong - Gem Show - Grand Hall
Hong Kong – Gem Show – Grand Hall

This year I was particularly glad to receive a visit from Shi Jian, a renowned professor at Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University. Jian is not only director of the GIA Shanghai Education Center, but also a great connoisseur and lover of coloured gemstones. And as for the fascination he felt looking at my exclusive collection, above all the fiery red opals from Mexico and choice blue moonstones from Tanzania, well, I can understand that only too well. After all, they really are radiant beauties!

Hong Kong - Gem Show 2015
Hong Kong – Gem Show 2015

I’d like to thank all of the many visitors and customers who came by, and I look forward very much to our next meeting!

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline

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