Dear gemstone lovers,

anyone familiar with haute joaillerie knows Anna Hu. Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, many other celebrities … indeed jewellery lovers the world over are crazy about her handcrafted pieces.

The former cellist, daughter of one of Taiwan’s leading gemmologists, uses only the best gemstones for her designs, and depends on reliable suppliers. I myself am among those who have had the honour of working with her. The result: a colourful necklace, and in the middle of it, an oval-cut kunzite from my establishment, 59 carats in weight!


I am not the only one whose heart is gladdened by this necklace. The same goes for readers of the high-society magazine ‘Taiwan Tatler’: the fact is that Anna Hu and my stone have made it to the front page!


Before this heavyweight kunzite found its way into the high-gloss magazines of this world, it had to complete a long journey. Its origin: Mother Nature. To put it more precisely: Afghanistan.



Kunzite was discovered in California in 1903, by the man who was to give it its name, George Frederick Kunz. The clearly transparent stones have a sparkle that is sometimes colourless, sometimes pink – and sometimes goes all the way to dark purple. But the most coveted specimens are pink and shocking pink, like the magnificent one that Anna Hu has worked into her necklace.

Sparkling greetings,

Constantin Wild

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