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two stones that could not be more different: a fresh, apple green chrome tourmaline that has a calming effect on the senses, and a radiant orange sapphire pulsating with energy. Yet they have one thing in common: they are both top-class stones – and I will be presenting both at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair and the INTERGEM fair in Idar-Oberstein in October.

SPARKLING GEMSTONES - Constantin Wild - Tourmaline - Chrome Tourmaline - 34ct oval
Chrome Tourmaline – over 30 ct oval

Chrome Tourmaline: like some delicate spring growth

Those in the know are aware that the chrome tourmaline is an extremely rare variety of the green tourmaline. A fresh, radiant apple green, for which it has the perfect interplay of traces of chromium and vanadium to thank, is the trademark of this exquisite stone from Tanzania. As the chrome tourmaline has become a rarity, I am especially glad to be able to offer a really prime specimen of more than 30 carats. This radiant wunderkind measures some 25 by 18 millimetres, and its vivacious, natural green has been brought out to perfection by the precise star cut.

SPARKLING GEMSTONES - Constantin Wild - Sapphire - orange Sapphire - octagon cut - Sri Lanka - 15x15mm - 26ct
orange Sapphire – octagon cut – Sri Lanka – over 20 ct.

Orange sapphire: a radiant bundle of energy

Sapphires are high up on the list of the most coveted and most expensive coloured gemstones. Among connoisseurs and gemstone lovers, this noble variety of the mineral corundum is admired and highly esteemed worldwide – most often as a blue stone, though sometimes in shocking pink or yellow: yet only very few people indeed have ever experienced the magic of an orange sapphire. With its pulsating colour and that brilliant shine, the orange sapphire symbolises spiritual energy, creativity and a rare joie de vivre like hardly any other stone. Large specimens in particular are something really special. So I am all the happier to be able to offer my customers an exclusive orange sapphire of more than 25 carats. This top-class stone from Sri Lanka measures some 17 by 16 millimetres and captivates the onlooker with its combination of star and step cut.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Constantin Wild

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