Constantin Wild highlights Baselworld 2015

Springtime – Baselworld highlights 2015

Dear gemstone lovers,

harmony, contentedness, eternity. Many people associate the colour blue with these concepts. In my treasure chamber there are some exclusive highlights which are every bit as beautiful as a bright summer sky!

A shine like no other: blue zircon

Constantin Wild - Zircon - cushion - 38ct -ONLINE-rgb-725px

There is hardly a stone with such a high refraction as zircon. And this comes out particularly well when the stone is blue. With its diamantine shine and its unbelievable optical depth, the blue zircon is an absolute highlight in my current collection ‘more than just rare’. The stone originates from Cambodia, weighs 38 carats and measures 18 by 15 millimetres, and sparkles in a star and step cut.  A genuine cushion-shaped heavyweight! A stone of this size and quality is very rare – and predestined to be a collector’s item for that reason. 

Radiant blue-green: the Paraiba tourmaline

Constantin Wild - Tourmaline - Paraiba tourmaline - 8ct- oval- mozambique - ONLINE-rgb-725px

It is copper and manganese that give this stone its incomparable luminosity. And depending on the angle at which it is viewed and the angle of incidence of the light, a spectacular colour play may reveal itself to the observer of this rarity from Mozambique. “Noone knows how long high-quality Paraiba tourmalines will continue to be available”, says Wild. So that is why he is now offering gemstone lovers a neon, oval, 8-carat, star-cut specimen measuring 14 by 10 millimetres.

Passion in red

 More than just the colour of love. In early cultures too, people derived new energy from the colour red. With two very special stones, I will also be evoking passion and life force at this year’s BASELWORLD!

Hand-picked: the red beryl

Constantin Wild - Beryl - red beryl - 0_70 car -ONLINE-rgb-725px

Some refer to it as red beryl, others as red emerald. But no matter which term you choose: the stone is an absolute rarity. The red beryl is among the rarest gemstones worldwide. Just a few specimens were found years ago in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. Stones of more than half a carat are extremely rare.
So I am all the more proud of this new addition to his collection: this star-cut red beryl weighs a sumptuous 0.7 carats! Its dimensions are 6 x 5 millimetres.

Shocking pink and red elegance: spinel

Constantin Wild - Spinel - cushion - 5ct -ONLINE-rgb-725px

“This ruby is a spinel!” The spinel has only been known as a mineral in its own right for some 150 years. That goes for the “Black Prince’s Ruby” in the English Imperial State Crown too. The spinel has traces of iron, chromium and titanium to thank for its incorruptible colour. Shocking pink and red varieties are especially coveted. However, things are likely to get difficult in the future for lovers of this stone. Stones of 4 carats or more are a genuine rarity. At almost 6 carats, this shocking pink and red specimen from Tanzania is thus a top-class stone. It is cushion-shaped and star-cut, and measures 11 by 9 millimetres.

Warm like the evening sun

Goethe was a lover of orange in his time. Today, it is impossible to imagine the world of jewellery and fashion without this colour. And this radiant mandarin garnet of over 17 carats certainly fits in well with that.

Constantin Wild - Garnet - Mandarine garnet - 17ct- cushion-oval - ONLINE-rgb-725px

Most gemstones have myths or legends from ancient or mediaeval times woven around them. The mandarin garnet, however, is a newcomer: It wasn’t until the 1990s that this stone was discovered, first in Namibia, then in Nigeria. But the fact that it’s a newcomer certainly doesn’t mean this orange gemstone lives in the shadow of its predecessors: It’s not just the colour of the mandarin garnet that is incomparable, but also its shine. Apart from that, the stone is extremely rare: Larger specimens of more than 5 carats in particular are really special.

That is why I am happy to be able to offer my customers an exclusive mandarin garnet of over 17 carats! This oval stone measures 15 by 13 millimetres and wows the observer with its modified brilliant cut.

Bring on the springtime!

I have a rare highlight in my luggage for visitors to this year’s BASELWORLD. This 27-carat sphene in yellowish green gives spring the go-ahead!

Constantin Wild - Sphene - cushion - 27ct -ONLINE-rgb-725px


The name sphene has a Greek origin: sphenos means wedge. Traces of iron and aluminium are typical of this stone. It is especially popular on account of its high dispersion: Its refraction is higher than that of a diamond. That’s why this stone is so popular among gemstone lovers.

But it is not only that fact that distinguishes this sphene: Wild’s specimen weighs more than 27 carats, measures 19 by 17 millimetres and captivates the observer with its cushion shape and star cut.  An extremely rare collector’s item.

 Hope to see you soon!

Constantin Wild

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