Springtime highlights 02

Springtime highlights in my luggage

Canary, Paraiba and imperial topaz: exclusive gemstones for the first sunbeams of the year.

This year too, the Hong Kong International Diamond & Gem Show and BASELWORLD will attract numerous gemstone connoisseurs from all over the world. I will be presenting to my customers three particularly rare stones from my premium line ‘More than just rare’. And what is more, they fit in really well with the coming season from the fashion point of view! 

Constantin Wild - Tourmaline - Canary Tourmaline - 26ct- oval- ONLINE-rgb-725px

Canary tourmaline – neon-yellow rarity

The canary tourmaline captivates gemstone lovers with its incredible luminosity. Yet this wonderful stone was not discovered until some 15 years ago in Zambia, East Africa. Young, but a celebrated star in spite of it: fine traces of magnesium ensure that this gemstone radiates, not in some mere everyday yellow, but in fascinating neon. This stone is not only fantastically beautiful, but above all extremely rare – specimens of more than 5 carats are much sought after on the market and very hard to find. Lo and behold: in my treasure chamber there’s a canary tourmaline of 26 carats! With its oval star cut, and vital statistics of 21 by 15 millimetres, this stone makes pulses race, not only in the spring, but at all times! I am delighted to have been able to get hold of such a top-quality stone. This beauty is not just worth buying as a gem for jewellery, but also as an investment.

Constantin Wild - Tourmaline - Paraiba tourmaline - 8ct- oval- mozambique - ONLINE-rgb-725px

Paraiba tourmaline – splendid blue beauty

Another neon-coloured stone from the tourmaline family: the Paraiba tourmaline puts us in mind of tropical sun and sea breeze like no other. The stone was first found in Brazil, then later in Nigeria and Mozambique. It has copper and manganese to thank for its magnificent colour play. The Paraiba tourmaline is among the most coveted stones worldwide. For that reason, I will be recommending an oval star cut specimen of 8 carats to my exclusive customers at the show. This noble piece measures approximately 14 by 10 millimetres.

Constantin Wild - Imperial Topaz -bicolour- 20ct

Imperial topaz – seductive rarity

One topaz is not necessarily the same as another: usually they come in brown, blue, white or yellow. This magnificent stone unites two natural colours: orange, and the especially coveted and seductive combination of red and shocking pink. Apart from that, this gemstone is a real heavyweight, weighing in at more than 20 carats. The cushion-shaped star-cut beauty measures 23 by 10 millimetres and is way beyond just being suitable as a gem for jewellery: The mines in Brazil, the homeland of this stone, have long since been exhausted. Noone knows how long specimens like these will continue to be available on the market. So it is also suitable as a particularly sparkling investment. This year, red tones are the trend anyway. The Pantone Institute of Color has selected ‘Marsala’ as its colour of the year 2015.

Hope to see you soon!

Sparkling greetings, Constantin Wild

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