Miner's-Club 3

Summer Fete 2014

Dear friends and faithful companions,

we should make hay while the sun shines. And on Saturday 12 July, the time had finally come to do so, for I had invited several hundred wonderful people to my big summer fete. And one thing can certainly be said about it: Idar-Oberstein has surely never seen such a grand celebration!

Milan, Chicago, New York, LA, Zurich, Rio, Geneva, Dallas, Kiev, Buenos Aires, Tehran, Bogotá, Dubai, London, Taipei, Tokyo, St. Petersburg or Hong Kong: dear friends, faithful companions and business partners had travelled to Idar-Oberstein from all the corners of this Earth to join me in celebrating life. Indeed, my international guests and I spent the Friday evening getting into the mood.

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The next day the time had finally come: my visitors from abroad were now joined by guests from all over Germany. My team and I had been planning this summer event for months, and we had plenty to offer both the young and the not so young. But what about the theme of the day, and the evening? Gemstones, of course! So it was that my guests – each equipped with a helmet – had a chance to slip into the role of treasure seekers and mineworkers and have a rummage in the centuries-old cellars of my house. The “Miners’ Clubs” were an absolute highlight for everyone! And in and around the house too, there were plenty of little surprises involving many aspects of the fascinating world of gemstones, and they all went down well.

Of course, there was music too, in my magnificent garden in full bloom: several bands made sure there was a lively atmosphere, and there was no shortage of good wine either. As night fell, three different DJs hotted things up in the Miners’ Clubs for those who felt like dancing. And fortified by Idar-Oberstein’s own spiessbraten, French tarte flambée, Italian ice-cream from a traditional cart and many other culinary treats, my guests held out well on into the early hours …

On the Sunday evening, public viewing in my courtyard, beneath the tent roofs, glimmering yellow in the moonlight: the world championship final, the German football team’s finest hour. Yet another climax – and what a fantastic climax it was! – to this once-in-a-lifetime weekend!

I want to thank everybody who was there for a wonderful and very successful evening. And I’m sure it won’t have been our last celebration!

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