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Then as now: the force of Nature

The world of gemstones is in a continuous process of modernisation, but Constantin Wild still puts his trust in hydropower for the processing of his precious gemstones today.

Water is the origin of everything. Especially as it relates to the success story of Idar-Oberstein. For when large agate deposits were found in the Hunsrück in the 15th century, the power of the water in the Idar stream was the only thing that enabled the big grinding wheels to be set in motion so that the raw stones, still grey and matt as they were, could be transformed into sparkling treasures. More and more cutting shops rapidly emerged – and with them, a flourishing industry.

"water is a friendly element to a man who is at home in it, and who knows how to deal with it."  Johann Wolfgang von Goethegemstone cutting is handicraft @constantinwild.gems  

The paddle wheels which rotated in the Idar stream have long since been replaced by electric motors. But just like his forefathers, Constantin Wild puts his trust in nature when it comes to generating energy: today, natural crystals are processed at his workshop using natural energy. But how does that actually work? By investing in the right energy supplier. And by using pure hydroelectricity. From the cutting shop machinery to the lighting in the Gem Room, this environmentally friendly electricity flows through all the circuits in the building. In this way, the gemstone connoisseur not only makes a strong statement in favour of our environment, but also puts the focus on products of a natural origin.

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