Treasures of Nature in Basel

Dear gemstone lovers,

the world of luxury is a very special world.  And anyone who wants to be there when brand names like Cartier, Chopard, Rolex and others line up and vie with one another to see who has the most lavish and costliest exhibition stand is certainly in the right place at the annual edition of BASELWORLD.

Alongside expensive watches and designer jewellery, my line of business also has its place at this international trade fair. After all, high-quality gemstones often form the basis of these coveted luxury goods. So it was that we were to be found under ‘Gems, Stones and Pearls’.


It’s important to me that my employees are not just familiar with and able to help control the flow of work in Idar-Oberstein, but also that they learn how to deal with customers – especially at fairs like BASELWORLD. They all were a great help to me and always well motivated in spite of the long days and short nights. That’s one of the most important aspects of the whole thing for me – my employees.

Although there wasn’t much time in the hurly-burly of the fair, I was at least able to gather a few impressions: 


At any trade fair, there are always a few topics that exercise exhibitors and visitors alike and spread like office gossip. Talk this year was about various things, including two other events being held at the same time.  Some exhibitors were still concerned at the beginning of the fair that these would have an effect on the number of visitors. Fortunately, it didn’t happen like that. As usual, numerous international gemstone lovers once again flocked to Basel to join me in browsing my treasure chamber. Absolute top-class rarities were especially popular: time and again, I conjured up an unusually weighty mandarin garnet or a magnificent tourmaline, radiant in yellow and green.

The important role of gemstones in the world of watches and jewellery was also made clear by the appearance of one prominent guest who found his way to my stand. I was incredibly proud to be able to welcome the renowned jewellery designer and illustrator Thierry Martin. He’s a much feted star in the sector. I showed him all my treasures, and he found them very inspiring. He was accompanied by two other well known jewellery designers from Paris.


Who knows? Perhaps we shall soon see the product of that inspiration in the fashion magazines. It certainly won’t be the last time Thierry Martin and I meet.

Sparkling greetings,

Constantin Wild

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