TV telebasel: Constantin Wild on the increasing importance of gems & jewellery at Baselworld 2019

Gems and jewellery have always been very important at Baselworld. Constantin Wild has been exhibiting at this major trade show for jewellery and watches for more than 30 years now. Reason enough for the Swiss TV station telebasel to visit the renowned gemstone expert at this year’s Baselworld to discuss his view on gems and jewellery playing an even greater role at the world’s luxury fair.

“Though the overall number of exhibitors has decreased, high-street jewellers continue to present their latest innovations and creations, whilst international gem traders exhibit gems of outstanding quality. As long as the major international jewellery buyers attend Baselworld, the fair will continue to be one of the major hotspots in the worldwide gem and jewel industry”, emphasises Constantin Wild.

Watch the whole programme in German:
Schmuck bleibt von Baselworld-Krise verschont

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TV-telebasel: Schmuck bleibt von Baselworld-Krise verschont - BASELWORLD: Important meeting point for the international jewellery scene -
TV-telebasel: Schmuck bleibt von Baselworld-Krise verschont

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